This service will allow you to convert 3D models in to OBJ format from most popular storages of 3D models. In case success work, you get zip-archive contents geometry, materials library and textures (if it is possibly).

After you select 3D model in storage of 3D models, copy link from the address bar of you browser to the input field and click on the button [Convert]. All available 3D storages logo you can see above.
    System is check the link and get information for possibility convert the model. If check will be successful, you can clicking on the button [Confirm] and begin convert process. If the converting will be successful, you will be redirected to page for payment. After payment you get zip-archive directly, confirmation to your e-mail about payment and link for downloading zip-archive later. Detailed instructions here. Video tutorial.

The cost of converting single model is $2.9. Attention: payment security is provided by PayPal. After payment your get confirmation to e-mail.

In the case of improper operation of the service, as well as the wishes and suggestions, please contact us via the contact form.

Please, don't break copyrights and licenses. Service is designed for educational purposes and is not responsible for its use.